Sport Scotland Putting Sport First

The Clubs First Development Tool aims to support clubs of all sizes to establish where they are performing well and where they can develop.

It will help you to identify and prioritise improvement areas and provide signposts to helpful information and support.

The self-assessment is divided into six sections aligned to sportscotland’s Club Sport framework:

  • Organisation
  • Sustainability
  • Connections
  • People
  • Promotion
  • Facilities

Each section begins with a general statement describing what a great club might look like. The statement is intended to be thought provoking, it is unlikely that many clubs will feel that it represents them in any one area never mind across all areas. Every club is different and therefore there are no right or wrong answers, you should select the option which you think best describes your club at the moment.

You will experience most value if you can undertake this exercise with a small group of people who have a good understanding of the key activities within your club. Even where your club is performing well, it is envisaged that you should still be able to identify areas for improvement.

Try to think about each statement and your club’s position from different perspectives such as your members, committee, staff, and the public. You may also want to think about any evidence that will support your answers.

Your response and the report it generates is confidential to your club and for your own development purposes. We hope you find this a helpful exercise.